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A Tale of Two iPhones

Posted by Brock Broussard on Oct 16, 2013 11:51:47 PM

No Apple follower who had been paying close attention to rumors rolling around August ahead of the traditional September release of the iPhone’s newest form factor could have seen a second, colorful, plastic-bordered sibling coming. Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs, however, its stock price hasn’t been the only variable in flux. As its established smartphone settled into a new tier with a first-of-its-kind 64-bit A7 processing chip, Apple aimed to bring in a new class of customers conscious about the 5S’s price by introducing a new line of “economy” iPhones. So far, it’s not clear that the 5C is being adopted as quickly as Apple anticipated. According to an analysis by Localytics, an analytics and marketing platform firm, the 5S is outselling the 5C in the 8 countries the two were released in.

A decrease in production for the 5C somewhere in the supply chain may show (albeit inconclusively) that the cheaper phone may not have seen enough sales, even though it helped the 5S to take a record in opening weekend shipments: over 9 million, to be just a bit precise. One reason might be that the 5C’s specs aren’t significantly better than that of the older iPhone 5, sporting a year-old CPU and other shared parts. Another could be the potential “fun” attitude injected into the legendary smartphone, jarring those accustomed to the prior iPhones’ high-class appeal. A third indicator of its slow sales is the series of price-slashing promotions major US retailers ran or are in the process of running through the end of the month, with the exception of Wal-Mart, which is offering an on-contract price of $45 through Christmas. Whatever the case may be, it’s the first time a part of the iPhone line wore a plastic back since the 3GS.

Whether the 5C can keep up with its luxury-priced cousin or not, it’s still quite a capable phone, and its specs are more than enough to run our Iconic app with ease. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can revolutionize your own retail operation, wherever you may be.

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