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Craft Brewery Inbound - Best Brewery Blogs

Posted by Will Bralick on May 26, 2017 2:13:26 PM

It has been our observation that many craft breweries are pretty savvy about using social media to market their breweries.  Perhaps that is a self-selecting collection.  Those who are good at it survive; those who aren't, well, don't.

BloggerInbound marketing is more than just social media.  Modern marketing is all about education and there is a limit to the amount of education available in 140 characters.  Let's call it a bandwidth problem.  

The main driver of an inbound strategy will be your blog.  You may be considering writing a blog (or having one written for you) ... or you may have tried to launch one and gotten bogged down.  In any case, you will be interested in this.

We are looking for the best blogs written by craft brewers (let's use the usual definition ... the one that excludes AB InBev, et al).  They should be written by the craft brewery staff, but that can sometimes be difficult to ascertain.

The criteria for "best blog" starts as:

  • Iconic Blog AwardConsistency - it should be updated on a semi-regular basis ... the more regular, the better; the more semi-, well that would be semi-better.
  • Quality - blogs are not (supposed) to be grammatically-correct essays (Mrs. Jones would excoriate me for that ...) so quality is not grammar-cop-quality but rather interesting ideas interestingly written.
  • Reach - how many followers; how many links

Other criteria? Well, let me know what you think in the comments section. We will get the criteria established and then get a list of nominations ... taking the best off the best we will review them and then have a vote to select the best.

So ... send us (a) your criteria (if they differ from the above) and (b) your list of your favorite blogs.  If we get a bunch of blogs in different specific categories then we will make awards by category ... otherwise, there will be just one "best".

Incidentally, did I mention that we have the most awesome brewery management solution imaginable?   Well, actually, I can imagine one better ... and that is why we are constantly making Iconic better ... because we can imagine a better system.  

If you can as well then we want to hear from you.

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Iconic BMS is dedicated to helping you make your brewery Iconic ... by providing the techniques and technology to improve your operational excellence.

Your brewery is focused, as it should be, on your beer and your customers.  The "business of the brewery" is that set of activities common to all businesses that make your organization effective and efficient.  Improvements in the "business of the brewery" help you improve by freeing resources to focus on what is most important - the Customer ... and the beer!

This blog will cover more than just techniques and technology, though.  Included will be all manner of information that takes a brewery from fantastic to Iconic.

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