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Craft Brewers - After a Successful Career In ...

Posted by Will Bralick on Feb 27, 2017 11:42:13 AM

640px-golfball.jpgCraft brewing seems to be becoming a bit of a retirement destination.  

Of course, many craft breweries are started by head/assistant brewers or other former employees of other craft breweries - the hallmark of a healthy industry, by the way.  

But many breweries seem to be started these days by people who have tired of the grind, grind, grind of corporate life ... and looking for an outlet for their creative side ... and nurturing their love of great beer ... and they connect the obvious dots.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in these ... and I'll bet they work harder at brewing than ever.  (Some retirement destination, eh?)  

Arguably, these are the same people who, in another day, at the same stage of their careers, would have started a different business - perhaps food-related (as beer definitely is), but perhaps not.  

The explosion of craft brewing in the past couple decades has made it possible for these folks - with a taste for good beer - to build a brewery rather than (or in addition to) that pizzaria.

What a great industry that embraces not only millenials and hipsters but also experienced business people and professionals from a wide variety of industries.

So ...I'm interested, as is everybody, I would guess:  

  • If you are entering the craft brewing industry from a career elsewhere then what industry did you come from?  
  • And what insights can you share about your experiences in that other life that will help your brewery and ... by sharing, help your brother/sister brewers as well?  
  • And ... what advice do you have to share with others itching to get out from behind that desk and  from under the ol'-9-2-5?

Put your answers in the comments below and we will aggregate them into a post in the near future.


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