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Happy International Beer Day!

Posted by Will Bralick on Aug 4, 2017 2:18:09 PM

Well, here it is again.  The first Friday in August.  Time for International Beer Day!

Per everybody's online expert, Wikipedia, this is what it is:

International Beer Day (IBD) is a celebration on the first Friday of every August founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, Cali

fornia. Since its inception, International Beer Day has grown from a small localized event in the western United States into a worldwide celebration spanning 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents. Specifically, International Beer Day has three declared purposes:

  1. To gather with friends and enjoy the taste of beer. 
  2. To celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer.
  3. To unite the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day.
DBA03AB7-163B-485D-9C42-915FAF7DE339 3.jpg

In keeping with the international flavor (pun intended) of International Beer Day, Dr. Will is enjoying an Einstök Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale ... skál!

You may recall Dr. Will visited Iceland a few years back and he just happened to be in Reykjavík at the Egill Skallagrímsson Brewery (that brews Gull Beer) ... and because it was Friday they had a brewery tour ... and not only a few beers ... on Icelandic Beer Day.

BDC47CFF-202C-4A08-9622-432C423E5268 2.jpg

We stopped in Akureyri during that trip, but it was before I knew of Einstök which gives us yet another reason to return!  Visiting Iceland was an awesome experience.  That land has a way of calling one back.  

In any case, we here at IconicBMS wish all brewers and breweries - great and small - a Happy International Beer Day.  You all are part of a human tradition that spans peoples and places and we are proud to serve you ... as you serve your passion.


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