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Brand Differentiation in Craft Breweries ... Market Gap Analysis

Posted by Will Bralick on Sep 20, 2017 2:08:41 PM

Here is an interesting story ...

Wellbeing Brewing Company of St. Louis, MO introduces non-alcoholic craft beer. Excuse me? Non-alcoholic?

Well, yes.

Their story is a fascinating exercise in brand differentiation.

As many craft brewers strive for the highest ABV possible ... with some brands reaching for the End of History (I'm looking at you, Brew Dog) with an ABV of 55% and delivered in the skins of roadkill (no, I am not kidding) ... Jeff Stevens of Wellbeing decided to go a different way.

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Water, Water Everywhere ...

Posted by Will Bralick on Sep 5, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana simply boggle the mind. To understand the scope of devastation in Texas:

Shown superimposed on a map of Colorado:







From firsthand reports the waters in and around Houston are completely polluted.  Potable water is scarce (if available at all).   The response?  Brewers across the nation are stepping up and switching production of their canning lines to can water for the relief of the victims of Harvey.

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Last Call for Craft Beer?  Not Hardly.

Posted by Will Bralick on Apr 8, 2017 9:16:23 AM

Jim Koch wrote an excellent op-ed in the NYT published online yesterday: Is It Last Call for Craft Beer?  We note in passing another article: America’s Retailers Are Closing Stores Faster Than Ever.  

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What Does it Take to Make the Pie Bigger?

Posted by Will Bralick on Mar 29, 2017 10:03:42 AM

I had a fascinating conversation with Dennis Wehrmann of Franconia Brewinga few days ago.  As part of a wide ranging discussion he touched on a key issue that affects all craft brewers: the growth of the market and the growth of the craft beer segment within that market.

The key question seems to be: how do we grow the group of customers on the other side of the tap - the beer consumer.  A follow-on consideration is how to do so not at the expense of behemoth beer - which is just changing how the pie is divided - but rather how to do so by increasing the number of beer consumers - making the pie bigger.

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Craft Brewers - After a Successful Career In ...

Posted by Will Bralick on Feb 27, 2017 11:42:13 AM

Craft brewing seems to be becoming a bit of a retirement destination.  

Of course, many craft breweries are started by head/assistant brewers or other former employees of other craft breweries - the hallmark of a healthy industry, by the way.  

But many breweries seem to be started these days by people who have tired of the grind, grind, grind of corporate life ... and looking for an outlet for their creative side ... and nurturing their love of great beer ... and they connect the obvious dots.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in these ... and I'll bet they work harder at brewing than ever.  (Some retirement destination, eh?)  

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Could Your Craft Brewery Survive a Recall?

Posted by Will Bralick on Oct 18, 2016 4:52:24 PM

Just today Brewbound reported:

"Revolution Brewing yesterday issued a recall of more than 10,000 barrels of beer packaged between Aug. 3 and Oct. 11 due to off-flavors that developed in six of the company’s more popular products."

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Craft Breweries - Business Process Improvement

Posted by Will Bralick on Oct 2, 2016 6:19:36 PM

Look.  If you just like brewing beer ... experimenting with different ingredients ... then letting your friends and family quaff whilst extolling your beer-making virtues.  Well, then ... be a homebrewer. 

For an even deeper dive into the beer body of knowledge, study for and then take and pass the exam to become a cicerone.  Since "sommelier" was taken by oenophiles, I guess we get to use the word that originally meant "a guide who shows people around tourist sites" (or "smart ass" per wiktionary :-).  Tourist sites?  I guess we can all agree on "smart ass."  You know who I mean ...

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Behemoth Beer and the Craft Beer Value Proposition

Posted by Will Bralick on Sep 7, 2016 10:41:28 AM

So this article from Time on the the $104 billion Bud-Coors-Miller-Stella-Molson conglomerate merger: Big Beer's 5-Point Plan to Crush the Craft Beer Revolution written by Brad Tuttle describes 5 tactics that the author says are

"... several strategies being employed to put the pesky craft category in its place—or even destroy it, if possible."

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Monks of Norcia

Posted by Will Bralick on Aug 30, 2016 2:28:17 PM

Hearing about the earthquake in central Italy, we were concerned for the health, safety and well-being of those most special creatures ... the Monks of Norcia.

I am happy report that the monks escaped with only a few minor injuries.  That said, they have asked for prayers and assistance for the beleagured people of central Italy who have lost loved ones and their possessions and livelihoods owing to this devastating quake.

Although much of their monastery has been ruined, their brewery survived. There are many ways to interpret this, of course.

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Craft Brewery Go-to-Market Plan

Posted by Will Bralick on Aug 23, 2016 5:21:04 PM

Startups in the tech sector are often "asked" to complete a Go-to-Market Plan to convince their investors that there is, in fact, a market for the product (presently smoke'n'mirrors-ware) that they hope to develop.

Seems like a great exercise for any startup - not just a tech sector startup.  In fact, it seems like a great exercise even if you are well beyond startup ... it never hurts to review how you plan to delight your customers.

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This blog will cover more than just techniques and technology, though.  Included will be all manner of information that takes a brewery from fantastic to Iconic.

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