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Distributor Retail Operations: Showrooming

Posted by William Bralick on Nov 16, 2012 8:26:01 AM

I was surprised recently to learn that most distributors have some kind of retail operation. It makes perfect sense when we think about it. It gives the distributor's customers and potential customers the opportunity to look over the products...and look over the distributor, as well. So, many distributors have a store front where their customers - mostly retailers - can visit and inspect their offerings.

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Your brewery is focused, as it should be, on your beer and your customers.  The "business of the brewery" is that set of activities common to all businesses that make your organization effective and efficient.  Improvements in the "business of the brewery" help you improve by freeing resources to focus on what is most important - the Customer ... and the beer!

This blog will cover more than just techniques and technology, though.  Included will be all manner of information that takes a brewery from fantastic to Iconic.

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